HEALTHY CHOICE FM is the vision and brainchild of Dr Lester Simon who is also the CEO and technical director of his family-owned Medpath Clinical Laboratory.

    Since its establishment in 1991, this laboratory has remained committed to its original, self-imposed, community-service mandate: the public dissemination of reliable, health-relevant information. In a limited way, it achieved this through the free, public distribution of its “Labletter” covering health topics for lay-consumption and also by buying daily airtime to sponsor health infomercials on radio. As a commercial entity, it claims rightful ownership of these local trail-blazing initiatives.

    The idea behind HEALTHY CHOICE FM emanates from the vision to perpetuate Medpath Lab’s original mandate to promote and disseminate health and wellness information for the public good, but by employing the expanded format of radio to achieve a wider, much more comprehensive outreach and more effective impact on target audiences.



    • Is a limited liability company duly incorporated under Antigua and Barbuda law
    • Is family owned and operated
    • Is a dedicated health and wellness platform
    • Promotes the adoption of positive, healthy lifestyles through the sustained delivery of relevant, reliable support information and strategies embedded in a musical format comprising a JAZZ core punctuated with a sprinkling of other genres
    • Celebrates and embraces the uplifting aspects of Caribbean and other cultures



    • Discerning, progressive-thinking, civic-minded, health- and environment-conscious 30+ age demographic



    Championing Your Wellness


    HEALTHY CHOICE FM was created to provide a broad-based platform for the promotion and dissemination of reliable information specific to health and wellness and couched in a musical format conducive to relaxation and introspection.

    It is envisioned that sustained education by radio will, over time, nurture and reinforce a more pervasively health-conscious public mindset that in turn will influence the adoption of congruent lifestyle choices and behaviors.

    HEALTHY CHOICE FM’s focus on promoting good mental and physical health and environmental awareness hopefully will among other things, help to:

    • Reduce the incidence of communicable diseases
    • Pre-empt the onset of, and or inform the effective management of chronic, preventable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, strokes, heart disease, glaucoma and blindness

    These in turn will alleviate productivity loss at the workplace and help keep national development goals on track.

    Positive changes in the personal healthcare paradigms of the residents of Antigua and Barbuda will reduce the demand on public health facilities and lessen the financial burdens on the government’s coffers.



    To provide a dynamic platform for the delivery of reliable information relating to health and wellness; and to engage our listeners in the formulation and practice of their own personal, preventative and achievable healthcare strategies, that will invariably result in an enhancement of the quality of their lives.



    To become the premier dedicated health and wellness audio electronic medium in the English-speaking Eastern Caribbean offering sustained and reliable information support for health-, environment-, and community-conscious listeners.



    Healthy, positive lifestyle behaviors and attitudes make for happier, more creative, more productive and more self-fulfilled human-beings.



    Norma Elaine Simon
    Norma Elaine Simon x.png

    Norma Elaine Simon graciously shares the ups and downs of her life experiences with her husband and partner, Lester.

    Jamaican by birth and nurture, she re-located to Antigua in 1983 with her husband (whom she met and married in Jamaica) and children. She is mother to Sawandi and Sabriya and grandmom to Sade. She is happy to be labelled as a Caribbean woman. She has worked as a co-owner and the manager of Medpath Lab since its establishment in 1991, and now, more recently, of Healthy Choice FM.


    She is an alumna of The University of the West Indies and a former educator who holds a first degree in French, Spanish and international Politics and post-grad qualifications in Education. She retooled with an MBA in general business management to better cope with the exigencies of her shift to a corporate career path.


    She is a Rotarian and past president of her club and volunteers her time with the new generations. She is peacefully and naturally drawn to outdoor activities with particular interest in gardening. She also enjoys walking, biking, listening to music, sewing and painting and drawing.

    Dr. Lester Simon
    Dr. Lester Simon x.png

    Dr. Lester Simon has practised medicine in Antigua and Barbuda since 1983 as the Government’s consultant pathologist; and also privately from 1991, as the CEO and technical director of his family owned, Medpath Clinical Laboratory.


    He attended the Antigua Grammar School where he was head boy and holds first and post-graduate degrees from the University of the West Indies. He also has  post-graduate qualifications from the University of London and is a diplomate of the Royal College of Pathologists in England as well as a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Pathology.


    He is a true “Caribbean man” with an expansive world perspective. But he is, first and foremost, an unapologetic Antiguan who proudly supports and embraces his native cultural heritage. He is a talented musician and accomplished saxophonist who practises his art with the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Band, The All-Star Carnival Calypso Band and the Roland Prince Group. He is also a steel pan aficionado and plays single tenor with the Hells Gate Steel Orchestra. “Doc” is an avid and prolific reader and a blog-writer (please visit: myantiguabarbuda.com) and social commentator.


    He enjoys swimming and plays golf. He is a frustrated West Indies cricket fan and  a keen follower of English Premier League football and supports the Arsenal Club through its varying fortunes. He is married to Norma and blessed with 2 children: Sawandi who also practises medicine and music; and Sabriya, an applied psychologist and professional freelance photographer, and a beautiful granddaughter, Sade.


    Ramco Building
    Independence Ave P.O. Box 1296
    St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda

    OFFICE: (268) 462-CARE (2273) or (268) 462-2275
    STUDIO: (268) 462-0949 or (268) 462-0951
    FAX: (268) 462-2275

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